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「遊 子」- 蔡明軒 2022 創作個展


「遊 子」- 蔡明軒 2022 創作個展


「遊子 —— 失去了身體之後,這次我們不再想回到故鄉」

當今人類的生活無時無刻的充斥數位資訊,各種圖像以數位影像的方式刺激著我們的視覺。透過日趨進步的科技與網路,讓我們能不受時間空間限制,與虛擬世界連線,保持不斷線的狀態進行多個活動。在不同的數位空間中,人們能藉由不同的虛擬身份進行交流。如同Marisa Olson所提出的「後網路」(Post -internet)的概念——我們已經是後網路時代,是一個真實與網路共存的混和世界。 身為數位原民(Digital Natives)的藝術家蔡明軒,關注於虛實交錯的日常。透過創作來實踐,將所處的時代環境,和其帶給我們的影響、情感、現象轉化至創作中,形成自身獨特的語彙。在此次個展以繪畫系列、裝置、網站及錄像作品與空間的融合,建築她創作中的世界觀和核心理念。透過不同媒材所表現出的各種特徵,使創作更具脈絡性和多面的樣貌。結合「虛擬的地方」、「身體和身份」、「後網路時代」與「後人類時代」等視角和觀點,討論當代中即身性(embodiment)和離身性(disembodiment)之間的關係。在這個不斷強調未來性和離身性的時代,蔡明軒則將重心放在描繪當下的數位日常。透過作品表達即身性經驗的重要性,和物質性的不可離棄,則是藝術家企圖於創作和展覽中,傳遞給觀者的訊息與情感。


Wanderer –– After losing our body, we don't want to return to our hometown anymore.

The modern human lifestyle is an experience that is unlike any previous generations had undergone before, in which explosive amount of images stimulate our visual in the form of digital graphics. With the continuous advance of technology and the internet, connecting with the virtuality without being limited by time and space has been made a regularity, as well as being able to maintain an uninterrupted state of multitasking online. In each vastly different cyber space, people find themselves communicate through different virtual identity. Just like the concept of "Post-internet" put forward by Marisa Olson –– We embarked on the Post-Internet age, a world where reality and the Internet coexist and fused together to form a new hybrid of realism.

As a digital native artist, Mingxuan, Tsai puts her focus on the daily where the virtuality and the reality intertwined. In the realization of her creations, the environment of this epoch, along with the influences, emotions and phenomena it brings to the human experience are transformed into her own unique language. In this solo exhibition, Mingxuan, Tsai combines her painting series, installations, websites and video works with the exhibition space to construct the worldview and core concept of her creations. By the different characteristics expressed from each material, her work exude context and multi-facet. She integrates the perspectives of "virtual place", "body and identity", "post-Internet age" and "post-human age" in her work to discuss the relationship between embodiment and disembodiment.

In this era, which enormous emphasis is put on embodiment and future development, Mingxuan, Tsai concentrates on depicting the current digital normality. She expresses the importance of physical experiences and the unparalleled nature of materialization in her works, underlining the main message and emotion the artist intends to convey in her creations and this


開幕時間 | 7.02 SAT. 15:00 展期|2022 6 .30 THU.- 7.31 SUN. 地點|藝星藝術 地址|台北市大安區敦化南路二段63巷53弄9號1F 交通|捷運信義安和2號出口 電話|02-3322-3052 時間|Tue. – Sun. 11:00 – 19:00 週一休館


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